We are a Crucial Safeguard for Our Eugene-springfield Youth

The 15th Night serves as a safeguard for 480 of our Eugene-Springfield students who do not have a parent or guardian to support them, or a permanent place to call home.

These vulnerable Eugene-Springfield youth face an unacceptable risk of losing their childhood, sense of trust, education and hope if they find themselves on the street.  The 15th Night is a community-wide partnership working to align and leverage existing resources in innovative ways to prevent youth from going out on the street, and intervening quickly if they do.

our vision

  • No Eugene-Springfield student will drop out of school due to homelessness.

  • Our community will rise to the expectation that Eugene-Springfield youth should never have to navigate school and life alone.

  • Eugene-Springfield is a culture of caring and understanding for our youth experiencing homelessness.

  • Eugene-Springfield residents know how to intervene on behalf of a youth who has run away or experiencing homelessness.

  • All young people in Eugene-Springfield learn about the dangers of living on the street.

  • All Eugene-Springfield youth know how to get help and find safe alternatives to the street.

“People don’t understand that sometimes being homeless is an easier problem to have
than being at home.” – 15th Night Youth