The 15th Night in Action

PREVENTION:  Finding Innovative Ways To Keep Vulnerable Students Safe

One important prevention strategy is creating community support in school catchment areas by involving parents, alumni and neighbors to help support students most at risk.  The 15th Night is piloting a school-based Rapid Access Network (RAN) that cultivates community engagement and connects students to school-based resources at South Eugene High School.

15th Night community partner, Oregon Social Learning Center, is conducting predictive modeling research that will help the 15th Night identify additional evidence-based prevention strategies that are specific, actionable and align with a student’s risk profile.

Education about the dangers of living on the street, as well as how to find help and safe alternatives, is another vital prevention strategy. The 15th Night is developing an educational video game that is age-appropriate for middle schoolers and will provide an interactive learning experience about the dangers of living on the street.

Quick INTERVENTION: How We Connect Vulnerable Students to Services


After a youth calls or texts our hotline number, the 15th Night Network moves into action.

  • Youth– Our 480 Eugene-Springfield youth who are navigating school and life alone, without a permanent place to spend the night

  • RAN Advocates– Trained representatives from schools and public safety that triage calls from youth

  • Partner Agencies– Existing community services and resources aligned to maximize positive impact on our vulnerable Eugene-Springfield youth

  • RAN (Rapid Access Network)– Communication technology developed to mobilize 15th Night Advocates to address the immediate needs of our Eugene-Springfield youth who contact the 15th Night hotline