Community Responder


15th Night Community Responder Celebration

March 15, 2023

We were so grateful for the opportunity last night to gather and celebrate our amazing Community Responder volunteers! It was so fun to be able to put faces to names, and to share more about the impact that our volunteers make.

Since the launch of the Rapid Access Network in 2018, Community Responder (CR) volunteers have responded to 609 alerts! In 2022 alone, they responded to 212 alerts to help meet the needs of students and youth in our community. We have CR networks in place to help support the Eugene/Springfield community, including all 4J, Bethel, and Springfield high schools. In the last year we have been able to expand that reach to more rural areas to help support Cottage Grove, Creswell High School, Junction City High School, and Mapleton School District!

We are so incredibly grateful to all of our volunteers, and truly could not do this work without you. Thank you to everyone who came out last night to celebrate your impact!

Curious about what our volunteers do? Do you want to get involved? Keep reading!

1) What is a Community Responder (CR) volunteer?
CR volunteers sign up to receive a text message and/or email alert when there is an unmet need for a youth or student in our community. These alerts include a link that will take you to a webpage where you can see the details and delivery information. If you are able to help meet the need, you respond on the webpage. If you aren’t able to help, just ignore the message.

RAN Process

2) What do you send Community Responder alerts for?
CR alerts can be random! Most frequently we need help with things like shoes, clothes, bike locks, and backpacks. Sometimes we are trying to meet more unique needs like diapers, bedding, and umbrellas. We also send alerts for things like supplies to stock a school’s food pantry, or other items to help support 15th Night’s partner schools.

3) How does it work?
Community Responder
More questions? Check out our FAQ page on our website! You can also reach out to us at Ready to get involved? Sign up to be a Community Responder on our website!