THANK YOU for your interest in supporting the15th Night as a volunteer and helping safeguard our 480 Eugene-Springfield students who do not have a parent or guardian to support them, or a permanent place to call home.  Eugene-Springfield is known for being a bighearted community because of people like you.


Volunteer your direct service through our 15th Night Rapid Access Network of community partners
Our community partner organizations are seeking volunteers who directly serve our 15th Night youth.  Volunteer help is needed in the following areas:

  • Host homes

  • Respite care (periodic weekend or overnight care)

  • Youth mentors

  • Serving meals and hospitality

  • Coordinating drives for clothes, snacks, toiletries, etc.

  • Transportation

Become a 15th Night Community Responder
A volunteer Community Responder receives text message alerts from 15th Night Youth Advocates when a student needs immediate help with something specific like shoes, clothes, personal care products, food, etc. A 15th Night Youth Advocate sends out a text message to the 15th Night Community Responder team.  As a Community Responder, if you can help, you simply reply to the text message. If you cannot help, you do not respond. Community Responders play a central role in providing quick intervention for our youth who need immediate help.