Join Our Network Of Community Responders

Are you willing to receive text or email alerts when a youth in our community needs immediate help?

Community responders get it done! Community responders provide what’s needed and deliver it to one of our partner agencies. It could be shoes, clothing, food or something else! The moment that alert comes through, you decide if you can help. If you can’t respond, someone else will.

Community Responder How-To

Number 1


Receive the alert either through text or email. Open the alert by clicking the link and going to the RAN webpage.

Number 2


If you can help, respond to the alert by typing your response into the RAN webpage. If you have questions about the alert, ask them on the RAN webpage.

Number 3


Deliver the item(s) to the address listed in the alert. See the delivery info by clicking on the alert link on the RAN webpage.

Number 4


Don’t worry about it! Ignore the alert and one of our other responders will meet the need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteers sign up to receive a text message and/or email alert when there is an unmet need for a youth or student in our community. These alerts include a link to a webpage that provides the alert’s details and delivery information. If you’re able to help meet the need, respond on the webpage. If you aren’t able to help, just ignore the message.
Alerts can be random! However, we frequently need help with acquiring basic needs, such as shoes, clothes, bike locks, backpacks, etc. More unique needs may include diapers, bedding or umbrellas. We also send alerts to help stock a school’s food pantry, or other items to help support 15th Night’s partner schools.
Simply click on the web link in the alert and then type your question(s). DO NOT respond directly to the alert text message or email.
Please respond to the alert so that we know the item is on the way and we can notify other volunteers that the item is no longer needed. Respond to the alert by clicking the web link and typing your response on the webpage.
Community responders receive a message notifying them that the need has been met.
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