Housing Navigator


15th Night Housing Navigator

July 14, 2023

In the past year 146 alerts for youth in need of shelter and housing have gone out through 15th Night’s Rapid Access Network. While there are some amazing local organizations who do provide shelter and housing for youth, and others who are working to find innovative solutions to give youth more housing options, the reality is that there are a lot more youth in need than there are roofs to put over their heads.

With limited options, and often many hoops to jump through, trying to find housing options is an incredibly daunting task for the many youth who are already navigating school, life, and homelessness alone. In June of 2022 15th Night received funding to hire a “Housing Navigator” to support youth in need of shelter and housing.

The 15th Night Housing Navigator has a full grasp on all of the shelter and housing options that are available to youth in Lane County, and all the steps that a youth needs to take in order to get access to those resources. The Housing Navigator receives referrals via the Rapid Access Network, and meets with the youth to gain an understanding of their situation to figure out which housing resources they qualify for. With this information the Housing Navigator can then walk the youth through all the steps that are required to apply for the various housing options.

This new position has been a game changer, not only for the youth but also for our community partners. Shelter and housing providers are receiving complete applications, and case managers and advocates are able to focus on their clients rather than navigating the housing maze. Youth housing options are already limited and tricky to navigate, but having a position dedicated to understanding these resources has helped to remove big barriers for youth to be able to access them. The 15th Night Housing Navigator position is currently funded through 2025. If you have questions or would like more information, please reach out to info@15thnight.org.