YAC Summer


15th Night Youth Action Council Summer Plans

June 15, 2022

School is (almost!) out for the summer, and the 15th Night Youth Action Council is gearing up for their busy season! While during the school year we focus a lot of our efforts on partnerships with local schools, during the summer we shift gears to focus more on building new relationships with youth to help get them reconnected to school for the Fall.  
The 15th Night Youth Action Council (YAC) knows that outreach is key to helping us find and build relationships with youth outside of school. This summer the YAC has committed to THREE outreach events EVERY WEEK. 

  • On Wednesdays 3:30 – 5:30pm the YAC will be doing “mobile outreach”, which means they will be hitting the pavement to meet youth where they’re at. They know the places to look for youth on the streets, so they start there and work to build relationships in hopes of helping other young people like themselves access resources and supports.
  • On Thursdays this summer the YAC will be hosting Our Neighborhood at Willamalane Park in Springfield from 5-7pm. Youth can come get a yummy meal, play games, and get connected to local resources.
  • And of course, Burrito Fridays. The YAC will continue to host Burrito Friday at the Eugene Downtown Library courtyard from 3-5pm. Lots of food, fun, and smiles every Friday!

In addition to these weekly outreach events, the YAC is also planning TWO Back to School BBQs in August. The Back to School BBQ is the YAC’s biggest event of the year, and we are so excited to be able to host one in Springfield and one in Eugene this summer! The Back to School BBQ is a fun event for youth to get reconnected to school, get a fresh haircut, connect to resources, and load up on school supplies for the new year.

The Back to School BBQ will be in Springfield on August 25th at Willamalane Park from 5-7pm, and in Eugene on August 26th (time and location TBD). 

If you would like to support the YAC in any of their summer outreach efforts, please reach out to AmandaF@15thnight.org. You can also purchase items for the Back to School BBQ from the 15th Night Amazon Wishlist.